The bank account that fights medical debt

Get cash if you can't work due to a medical emergency.

Not a loan, no need to pay us back.

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A checking account
that cushions the impact of a medical emergency

Get your paycheck in a betterbank account and you're automatically covered by our free built in insurance policy which pays for…

Medical deductibles & out of pockets

Everyday expenses like rent/groceries

Or even your lost income

Not a loan, no need to pay us back

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No fees, ever

No Fee Banking + Free Emergency Safety Net

  • No maintaining balance
  • No overdraft fees
  • No ATM fees
  • No foreign transaction fees

Easy-to-Find ATMs

Access 38,000 ATMs nationwide free-of-charge.

credit card


If you lose or misplace your card, just freeze it in the app and we’ll get a new one out to you

visa card

Visa Zero Liability policy

You will never be charged for any unauthorized charges on your card

How Betterbank Works

Each time you do a transaction using your debit card, the merchant pays the bank and us a small fee (called interchange). We use this to keep our lights on and serve you without charging a single dollar.

Why do we need a

Americans continue to pay billions in bank fees while one in four of us skip necessary medical treatments because we can't afford it. All of deserve a fairer access to our money and an emergency fund when we're down.

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Built for social impact

As a public benefit corporation social impact is part of our DNA and our legal mission


Built with icon heart in Brooklyn

We got sick of Wall St.'s greed so we put a river between us and them.

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We’re excited that you love our mission to #buildabetterbank around the needs of everyday Americans.

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