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Get cash if you can’t work due to a medical emergency.

Not a loan, no need to pay us back.

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$5000 insurance safety net

Our emergency fund goes on top of your major medical to cover for any medical emergency. Cash directly to you, not your doctor.

Missed work and lost wages

Utility and household bills

Deductibles & out-of-pocket expenses

How to claim your safety net

Our emergency fund is a cash payout not a loan. You can claim it right within the app and get the cash deposited to your account!

1. Setup direct deposit

Get your paycheck in a
betterbank account

2. You find yourself in ER or the hospital

Accidents are the largest
health risk for young adults

3. Click, Claim, Cash

Get cash instatly through your
betterbank app

4. You focus on getting better

Cover medical bills, deductibles,
groceris and even rent.

safety net

Medical bills are the biggest cause of bankruptcies

Even with health insurance, high deductibles and a loss of income can have cripple one’s financial life.

How we *fund* our free safety net?

Your bank currently spends your money on stadiums, superbowl ads, million $$ bonuses and all the junk mail you throw away unopened. We cut all that out and invest the savings in you.

So you pay $0.00

safety net

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